Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the cost of re-handling my billhook/spade/fork/axe/etc.?
A Standard costs of re-handling are on my Tool Repairs page. I can generally keep close to these prices.

Q Why haven't you replied to my email yet?
A I treat email rather like real mail.

Q Where are you located?
A I'm in Black Dog, Crediton, Devon. Callers by appointment only please - once we have communicated about what you require I'll email you details about finding me.
Better still find me at a show.

Q Can I post my item to you for repair?
A No, please arrange with me by email to drop off and collect repairs.

Q Can I have any type or length of handle fitted to any fork/spade?
A This is complicated. More information on fitting is here.

Q How long will it take?
A Less than a month, generally: I need to keep repairs affordable, and I keep things cost efficient by carrying out tasks in batches, i.e. all welding jobs, all riveting jobs, all cleaning jobs etc. There is a reason that few people do my kind of repair work, i.e. it is very labour intensive. So a couple of weeks may be needed. If you wanted it done last week, you should have asked me last month! :-)

Q Are you as curmudgeonly as the above makes you sound?
A No - but I do try to have a life beyond work, and my business is both small and low earning. I try to adopt a slow pace of life.


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