Tool head fitting.

image of two tool designs and their handles

As shown above, depending on the tool's socket or straps different handles are required. A 24" handle will typically provide a tool that measures about 38" overall, if it has a socket, like the spade shown. 6" of the handle are inside the socket.

A tool with straps that secure the head (like the fork above) will need at least a 28" handle, as the wood of the handle runs right down the length of the straps. A 24" handle would result in a very short tool. Perhaps 10" of handle is within the straps.

Not all handles are reliably available in all lengths! This is to put it mildly, an inconvenience. Much as I would love to offer a wider range of options, this is not possible - I am limited to what is currently being manufactured, unless you wish me to fit a traditional SOLID ASH D handle handmade from local timber handle.

image of handle options

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